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Reado is a valuable tool to work on reading skills with children presenting with reading or learning difficulties.

Created by two Speech-Language Pathologists, Reado is a professional application containing varied word lists specifically targeting reading difficulties. The word bank contains over 9300 words.

Choose or create word lists, and the application will present the words in an isolated word fashion. If desired, the presentation may be accompanied by a standard or amusing interactive progression marker.

Send your personal lists by email or share them with your personal devices (iPad) through your iCloud account.

To learn with pleasure, a brief, but exciting reinforcement game is presented after the reading exercise.

With Reado, planning your rehabilitation sessions of reading has never been faster or easier!

Try Reado through the Reado Lite free version.

Reado is also available in the Reado Suite which regroups the Reado and Reado Flash applications at an advantageous price.

Available on iPad.



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