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Developed for speech therapists and parents, Planet Pronoun helps children develop language skills while having fun.

With an action verb bank combined with eight subjects, Planet Pronoun provides quick access to more than 240 stimuli to play on iPad and print!

Using photos of the child and significant others, which are integrated into action images, the app helps children achieve a variety of objectives related to sentence production, such as:

  • Use of personal pronouns (I - you - he - she)
  • Simple sentences with a variety of action verbs
  • Personal pronoun gender (he - she)
  • Use of relative pronouns (who - that)
  • Use of various verb tenses such as the past or imperfect tense
Children and their loved ones take an intergalactic journey to an exotic world on a mission to accumulate enough fuel to return to Earth.

The app also allows you to create printed material using its PDF printing function.

Whether for a child with delayed language development, autism or specific language impairment, this app will meet your needs.

Try the Planet Pronoun app by downloading the free Lite version!

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